4 Things to Consider When Selecting a Paint and Body Shop

Choosing a provider for your fleet’s paint and body needs can be a challenge. Read our recommendations for four things to consider when selecting a provider.
Red Classic Charlotte Paint & Body Shop

Businesses that own and rely on vehicles to operate know it’s critical for their fleet to run efficiently and safely. While your fleet likely has a routine preventative maintenance schedule, it’s important to also address the exterior condition and branding of your fleet as well. A vehicle is often a company’s first impression on a customer, and it’s essential to put your best foot forward with a clean and professional-looking vehicle.


First, and most importantly, determine your specific requirements and preferences to make sure the shop can meet your needs. Whether you need more common body work, like hood repair, or specific paint service, like getting color-matched paint, ensure the shop can accommodate your request. Ask if the shop has any special equipment, such as a heated paint booth or environmentally-friendly sandblaster, which can improve quality and turnaround time compared to other providers.

Red Classic’s paint and body shop in Charlotte, NC, is equipped with top-of-the-line equipment and knowledgeable technicians.


When considering fleet paint and body services, evaluate whether your fleet needs paint and body work on a routine or as-needed basis. Do you have concrete trucks that need to be sandblasted and painted regularly? Or have you only needed body services after your box truck has been in an accident? Sharing this information with a shop manager will help them determine if they’re a good fit for your needs. Another thing to consider is if the shop provides preventive maintenance services as well. If they do, find out if any necessary inspections or maintenance can be done on your vehicle during the same appointment. Combining services will decrease downtime and ensure your equipment is available when you need it.


Cost is always an important consideration when maintaining a fleet. As you would with any other service, speak with potential providers about the frequency and complexity of the services needed. When you discuss costs with the shop manager, ask if they provide special pricing for repeat business or bundled services. Bundling services could provide significant cost and time savings.


It can be difficult to assess a shop’s service quality before you’ve purchased from them. Search online for reviews about their services and ask the shop manager if they have testimonies from other clients. Reviews from other companies can give important insight into their quality of work and customer care. Before and after photos of their previous work are also a great testimony to their skills and craftsmanship – most shops are happy to share examples like the one below from our Charlotte body shop.

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