Our Story

Because where we come from is just as important as where we're going.

Where we started. Where we’re going.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated (CCBCC), we're more than just a transportation company — we're a family. With a heritage reaching back over 100 years, we know what it means to put people first.

Our Evolution

Phase One

In our beginning as the dedicated carrier for Coke Consolidated, it was a simple as taking finished products to and from the bottling facilities.

Phase Two

As we evolved, we saw the chance to fill empty returns with new customer freight, creating new opportunities and making transit needs more efficient.

Phase Three

In 2011 we commercialized as a for-hire business and since then have been offering a full range of solutions such asset management, logistics solutions and fleet maintenance-all under the same roof.