Charlotte Fleet Maintenance Shop Wins Red Wrench Award

Red Classic’s Charlotte fleet maintenance shop was recently awarded the Red Wrench after passing a comprehensive safety and operations audit with flying colors.
The New Red Wrench Banner at the Charlotte Fleet Shop

The Red Wrench program was introduced at Red Classic in 2017 to ensure our fleet maintenance shops follow all safety procedures and quality work standards across the Company.

The Charlotte maintenance shop was awarded the Red Wrench after meeting all the requirements of a multi-day internal audit. For a shop this size to receive the Red Wrench award is a testament to how dedicated our teammates are to safety and quality.

“For our shop to earn such a prestigious award, it really is an honor,” said Robbie Lear, Maintenance Supervisor in Charlotte. “We’re a big shop, and we work hard to make sure we follow all rules and regulations. We want the best for our customers, but also the best for our teammates, in terms of safety. It’s great to see that hard work being recognized.”

The Red Wrench program is executed through unannounced audits that cover six areas: asset inspections, parts inventory, tire inventory, obsolete parts process, yard inspection and shop cleanliness. To pass inspection, shops must receive a 75% or higher, and to win the Red Wrench Award, shops must receive a 90% or higher.

The program works to not only prevent mishaps, but encourage compliance with all safety standards. High quality work is rewarded, and teammates are encouraged to push themselves to meet the highest standards.

“Since we started the Red Wrench program at Red Classic, we have seen an overall improvement in shop performance, which means happier customers and happier teammates,” Robbie said. “When teammates are holding their work to a higher standard, we get a higher quality output. This program has encouraged teammates to meet higher safety and performance standards – it’s an all-around win.”

Winners of the award receive a banner and certificate to put in the shop, and each technician receives a monetary award.

Congrats to the entire Charlotte maintenance team for a job well done!