Red Classic Academy Fuels the Next Generation of Diesel Technicians

Red Classic's diesel technician apprenticeship program kickstarts careers and grows our team.
Austin Martin - Red Classic Academy graduate

Speak to anyone who works in the fleet maintenance industry and you’ll quickly discover there are many technicians with several decades of experience who are retiring or plan to retire soon. According to a report by the TechForce Foundation, it’s projected that more than 25,000 diesel technician roles will need to be backfilled in 2019 due to retirement, employment changes and other factors.

The Red Classic leadership team recognized this trend and developed a new apprenticeship program to hire, train and grow the next generation of diesel technicians. This program, now called Red Classic Academy, was officially launched in 2018.

Red Classic Academy - maintenance apprenticeship program

The program includes participants who have some background in maintenance, whether they attended a mechanic trade school or auto shop class in high school or worked as an auto mechanic, who want to begin a career as a diesel technician. Program participants earn a full-time salary and benefits while receiving classroom training and hands-on experience working alongside our team.

Over the course of one year, participants learn the various skills needed to become a diesel technician, including:

  • Shop Safety
  • Air Intake Systems
  • Brake Systems
  • CDL Requirements
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Forklift Operations
  • Tire Maintenance
  • Trailer Preventative Maintenance & Repairs
  • Mechanic Work Station Systems
  • Service Inspections

As part of their training, participants also earn a Forklift Operator License and DOT Brake Inspector certification. When participants complete the program, they receive an offer to join the Red Classic Fleet Maintenance team as a C-Level Diesel Technician, which includes a sign-on bonus and ownership of the tool box and tools used during training, valued at $2,600.

This summer, Red Classic Academy celebrated a milestone as Austin Martin, the first participant, graduated from the program! Austin is now a C-Level Diesel Technician at our fleet maintenance shop in Roanoke, VA. He shared that gaining hands-on experience was the most valuable part of the program.

Austin Martin - graduation from Red Classic Academy

“I first learned how to do many of these services in school, but I didn’t fully understand them until I started working on vehicles in the shop with the experienced guys,” Austin said. “It meant a lot to me that they opened their doors to me, and as long as I worked hard the sky was the limit.”

Red Classic Academy is looking to enroll more participants across our network. For more information and to apply, visit the Red Classic Academy site or call our recruiting team at 844-611-8945.