Red Classic Appoints New Senior Director of Continuous Improvement

Red Classic has appointed Robert McAfee as their Senior Director of Continuous Improvement. In this newly created role, McAfee will the lead the change management program and focus on improvement strategy and process design for the entire organization. He hopes to instill a culture of continuous improvement for all employees, company-wide.
Red Classic Robert McAfee

“I want to establish a culture where every employee feels comfortable to customize and improve their processes to suit their needs,” McAfee said. “The more we improve the process, the better we become at reaching success. I want every individual to have the power to reach success.”

Streamlining the company’s day-to-day processes means more targeted sales and less downtime, which results in the sales team being able to connect with more customers faster. This in turn generates more business for the company and discards behaviors that inhibit growth.

McAfee brings with him more than 20 years of experience in operations and distribution. He previously worked at Coca-Cola Enterprises in Atlanta and Coca-Cola Refreshments in Pittsburgh.