Red Classic Celebrates Graduate of Red Classic Academy

Red Classic was excited to celebrate its most recent graduate of the Red Classic Academy.

On June 25, Red Classic celebrated its most recent graduate of the Red Classic Academy. Kevin C. completed the one-year program and is now working as a C-Technician at our Charlotte fleet maintenance shop where he received his training.  

The Red Classic Academy works to address the high demand for skilled diesel technicians by creating a program where students can gain hands-on training while learning from experienced technicians.

Training is typically completed in one year and equips students to complete preventative maintenance on heavy-duty equipment. Training also covers shop safety, CDL requirements and mechanic work station systems. 

While training, students earn a full-time salary and benefits, and after graduation they receive a job offer to continue working at the Red Classic facility where they trained. Each Red Classic Academy graduate also receives a $2,500 sign-on bonus and the tools and toolbox they used during training ($2,600 value).

Kevin joined the Academy right out of high school and is the fourth graduate of the program. Five other students are currently enrolled.

“During his training, Kevin worked hard and learned so much at the Red Classic Academy. He wasn’t afraid to jump in and will be such a great contributor to Red Classic at our Charlotte shop,” said Wendy Smith, Senior Manager of Regional Maintenance. “The Red Classic Academy is a great way to not only address the shortage in diesel technicians but also to develop teammates directly in our shops efficiently and effectively.”

Kevin’s graduation was celebrated with a lunch hosted by the Red Crew, where he celebrated with his family and teammates.

Congratulations, Kevin, we’re thrilled to have you as part of the Red Crew!

Interested in a career as a diesel technician? Learn more about the Red Classic Academy here.

Members of the Red Crew celebrate Kevin's graduation