Red Classic competes in Truck Driving Championships

Red Classic recently competed in the Truck Driver Championships in North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Eighteen Red Classic drivers got a shot at competing in their state Truck Driving Championships this year – and two drivers placed within their division. Wayne M. placed second in the flatbed division in South Carolina and Greg H. placed third in the flatbed division in North Carolina.

The Truck Driving Championships are done in three parts – the written exam, pre- and post-trip inspections and the driving test. The championships are a way for drivers all over the country to flex their skills while also encouraging safe driving.

“It’s a really great time for drivers to get together and represent Red Classic as a team,” said Greg H., a driver out of Clayton, NC. “I’ve competed a couple times before and I’m proud to have placed third in the flatbed division this year. I will be coming back next year for first, though.”

Drivers who competed were able to study and practice with workbooks, and a practice driving course.

“The championships are really a time to celebrate our professional drivers and recognize their achievements in safety. It is also really a time for our drivers to show off their skills and have a little fun,” said Jason Wing, VP of Safety and Operations. “We have a great, hardworking team, and watching them compete in some friendly competition each year is truly a pleasure. Our drivers are talented, and I love watching them show off their skills.”

Drivers who are interested in the Truck Driving Championships must be accident free for at least a year before the competition. Learn more here.