Red Classic Drivers Compete in State Truck Driving Championships

Cheering crowds, colorful banners and orange safety cones - no, this wasn’t on the race track, this was at the state truck driving championship!

The 50 state-level trucking associations, which make up the American Trucking Associations, each hold their own two-day truck driving championship in the spring. The winners from each state go on to compete in the National Truck Driving Championship in August. Each state’s truck driving championship tests competitors in three categories: a written exam, a pre-trip inspection and an obstacle course. To even the playing field, all competitors are required to use a fellow competitor’s truck throughout the event instead of their own.

Steve Coleman and David Farris gave it their all in the Tennessee competition. “It was tough, but we had a ball,” Steve said.


This year, six Red Classic drivers competed in the state competitions, and all but one participated for the first time. They took extra time out of their day to prepare for the competition. They practiced obstacles in our parking lot, studied the pre-trip inspection criteria and quizzed each other on information that would be included in the exam. They wanted to put forth their best effort to represent Red Classic proudly at their state championships.

Samantha Anderson and Trevell Gregg represented Red Classic in the South Carolina competition. “The safe driving skills I use on the road helped me compete,” Samantha said.

Raymond Alonzo and returning competitor Greg Herron put their skills to the test in the North Carolina competition. “This was an awesome experience, and I hope more drivers from Red Classic sign up next year,” Raymond said.

Congratulations to Raymond for earning the second-highest rookie score in the 5-Axle Category at the North Carolina Truck Driving Championship!

Thank you to these fine drivers for representing Red Classic and for sacrificing their time to prepare and compete. We look forward to having even more Red Classic drivers compete next year.