Red Classic Drivers Honored for Safe Driving in 2019

Throughout the months of February and March, we celebrated Red Classic drivers across our network for their safe driving in 2019.

Nearly 290 drivers received an award for completing an entire year or more of safe driving without a contributory collision. Our Drivers are committed to our “Safety Comes First” culture, and we are proud that so many of them earned this distinction.

This year, we also recognized a group of 12 Drivers who received a 9-Year Safe Driving Award. These drivers have achieved a very special feat – no contributory collisions in the entire history of Red Classic! 

“Whether a teammate received a One-Year Safe Driver Award or was one of the 12 who received a Nine-Year Safe Driver Award, we’re incredibly proud of our Drivers,” said Jim Gourley, Senior Director of Safety Services. “They are the unsung heroes who use their skills and experience every day to not only keep themselves safe, but to protect everyone who shares the road with them, including our family members, friends and neighbors.”

Congratulations to all of our 2019 Safe Driver Award Winners!