Red Classic Joins Industry Partners in Fight Against Human Trafficking

Today, January 11, is Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Currently, there are more than 40 million people being bought and sold for forced labor or commercial sex across the globe.
TAT - Human Trafficking Awareness Day graphic

Despite the common view that human trafficking is a problem only for developing countries, this crime is happening across all 50 states and affects thousands of men, women and children right here in our own communities.

Because trafficking victims are often transported and sold in areas along our nation’s highways including truck stops and travel plazas, drivers can play an integral role in reporting suspected human trafficking and facilitating the investigation of human trafficking crimes.

Since 2015, Red Classic has been doing its part to alert drivers to the issue of human trafficking and equipping them with resources to recognize and report suspicious activity. We do this through a partnership with Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT), a nonprofit organization founded in 2009 to educate, equip and mobilize members of the trucking and busing industries to combat human trafficking.

To date, TAT has trained more than 650,000 people across the transportation industry. The Truckers Against Trafficking Industry Training Program has been remarkably effective, training hundreds of thousands of industry members, including more than 600 of our Red Classic drivers in 2018, about the realities of exploitation along our nation’s highways.

Since the program began, truck drivers have made more than 2,250 calls to the National Human Trafficking Hotline, resulting in more than 1,100 trafficking victims being identified and recovered.

Truck drivers can access a variety of helpful resources including red flag indicators and questions to ask a potential victim on and through their mobile app.

For drivers who witness suspicious activity, TAT recommends taking the following steps:

  • If you see a crime in progress, call 911. For your safety and that of the victim, do not approach traffickers. Allow local law enforcement to deal with the situation.
  • Gather as many identifying details as safely possible (descriptions of vehicles/people, specific times/dates, addresses etc.) and call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 888-3737-888.
  • If you’re at a truck stop, travel plaza or any other place of business, notify the manager-on-duty of the suspicious activity.

Red Classic is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of Truckers Against Trafficking, equipping our drivers and other industry members to combat exploitation of trafficking victims along our country’s roadways.