Red Classic’s Top Drivers & Technicians Compete at the 2018 North Carolina Driver and Tech Championship

Red Classic had one driver and four technicians compete in the North Carolina Truck Driving Championship and Top Tech Challenge on May 18-19, 2018. The championship took place at the Charlotte Park Exposition Center and was hosted by the North Carolina Trucking Association.
Red Classic driver Greg Herron competes at NC Driver Championship

The championship consisted of various occupational tests and challenging scenarios meant to test the skills of North Carolina’s best professional truck drivers and maintenance technicians.Greg Herron of Clayton (pictured above) participated in the driver’s portion of the competition, and the four technicians were Matt Belush of Charlotte, Bob McDonald of Hickory, Kevin Perryman of Fayetteville, and Phil Phillips of Charlotte. All the participants volunteered to compete, and were eager to match their skills and knowledge against technicians and drivers from other companies.

Left to right: Red Classic maintenance technicians Phil Phillips, Bob McDonald, Matt Belush, and Kevin Perryman

The technicians all performed extremely well. Belush placed 6th in his second NC Championship showing and secured the best Red Classic finish. McDonald, Perryman, and Phillips, all of whom were first-time competitors in the NC Championship, finished in the top 20. The technicians competed in nine 40-minute hands-on tests including tasks like engine repair, suspension and steering testing, and testing automatic transmission.

For the driver competition, Herron represented Red Classic in the 5-Axle Van Division and the Rookie Division. Herron placed 26th in the Rookie division and 22nd in the 5-Axle Van Division. The driver competition consisted of a written test, inspection skills, and driving tests that included challenging scenarios drivers often face on the road and in the parking lot.

Top performers from the NC event advanced to the National Championship, which will be held on August 15-18, 2018, in Columbus, Ohio.

Congratulations to everyone who represented Red Classic at the NC Driver and Tech Championship. We look forward to seeing more members of our Red Crew participate in 2019.