Due to seasonal capacity constraints and high rate fluctuation in the market, finding a safe, reliable flatbed carrier can be a challenge. Strict safety precautions, proper equipment and close attention to legal requirements and permitting is a must. 


When it comes to heavy, over-sized and high-value equipment and materials, Red Classic has you covered. Red Classic provides full truckload and partial truckload flatbed services, moving all types of freight including lumber, heavy machinery, building materials, pipe, steel and metal products. 

Red Classic flatbed services and solutions


Consult with our logistics team at 833-4FLATBED or send a message below.

In addition to standard flatbed loads, we handle oversized, over-dimensional and palletized flatbed freight with full geographic coverage across the continental U.S. and Canada.


Our carrier partners are highly vetted for safety, reliability and performance and will secure your load properly, according to your specifications, each and every time. Our Carrier Compliance Team continuously monitors active carrier partners to ensure they are FMCSA-qualified, insured and safe.

Whatever you need to ship, our network has the equipment to move it including:

  • 48 ft. and 53 ft. standard flatbed trailers
  • 48 ft. and 53 ft. step deck/drop deck trailers
  • Double step decks/lowboys
  • Stretch/extendable flatbed trailers
  • Conestoga trailers


A single, dedicated account manager will handle your shipment from pick-up to delivery. Every aspect of your shipment including load/unload specifications, permitting, route planning, tarping and securement systems will be reviewed and addressed in advance. Give us a call at 833-4FLATBED or complete the form above to connect with our flatbed logistics team.


Listed below are common trailer types and their maximum dimensions and weight capacities. Keep in mind that weight and load capacities vary from trailer to trailer and are impacted by the type of tractor used to haul the load. The specifications below should be used as general guidelines for planning purposes only. Connect with our flatbed logistics team to make precise load and equipment calculations.

Standard flatbed trailers are the most versatile and commonly used type of trailer. Flatbeds are ideal for loads that do not fit in a dry van trailer. The length of a standard flatbed is usually 48 or 53 feet long, and the height is typically 48-52 inches, which is common loading dock height. A standard flatbed can be loaded from the top, sides or rear of the trailer. Common freight shipped with a standard flatbed trailer includes steel products, lumber, construction equipment and heavy machinery.

Maximum Freight Weight:
48,000 lbs.

Maximum Freight Dimensions:

  • Length: 48 ft. or 53 ft.
  • Width: 8 ft. 6 in.
  • Height: 8 ft. 6 in.

A step deck trailer is also known as a “drop deck” or “single drop” trailer because it has a top and bottom deck to accommodate freights of different heights. A step deck trailer often comes with ramps that allow equipment to be driven onto the trailer. Most step deck trailers can carry freight up to 10 ft. 6 in. without over-dimensional permitting. Step decks can be open or enclosed in a Conestoga-style trailer and also come with extendable/stretch modifications. Common freight shipped with a step deck trailer includes agricultural equipment, large construction equipment and heavy, bulky products.

Maximum Freight Weight: 46,000-48,000 lbs.

Maximum Freight Dimensions:

  • Length: 37 ft. (bottom deck)
  • Length: 11 ft. (top deck)
  • Width: 8 ft. 6 in.
  • Height: 10 ft. (bottom deck)

Also known as a “lowboy,” a double drop deck trailer is a multi-axle trailer that has an upper deck in both the front and the rear. Because the middle section of the trailer, also known as the “well,” is much lower to the ground, it can transport taller freight than legally allowed by standard flatbeds. Double drop deck trailers may require special permits, the rules for which differ based on state and local regulations. There are many variations of this type of trailer including the removable goose neck trailer, which has a removable front deck, allowing the trailer to be set on the ground to create a ramp. Common freight shipped with a double-drop trailer includes construction equipment, military equipment, automobiles and cargo that requires crane loading.

Maximum Freight Weight: 40,000 pounds (2-axle lowboy trailer); additional weight of up to 80,000 pounds depending on the number of axles used.

Maximum Freight Dimensions:

  • Main Deck/“Well”
    • Length: 25-29 ft.
    • Width: 8 ft. 6 in.
    • Freight Height: 11 ft. 6 in.
    • Overall Load Height: 14 ft.
  • Front Deck
    • Length: 10 ft.
    • Width: 8 ft. 6 in.
    • Height: 8 ft. 6 in.
  • Rear Deck
    • Length: 9 ft.
    • Width: 8 ft. 6 in.
    • Height: 10 ft.

Many types of flatbed trailers have extendable frames to accommodate loads longer than 53 feet. A stretch trailer provides the maximum amount of support and avoids overhanging freight. This type of trailer can have up to 20 axles to account for maximum weight shipments. Common freight shipped on extendable flatbed trailers includes steel beams, train tracks, oversized lumber and windmills.

Maximum Freight Weight & Dimensions: Varies by trailer type and # of axles

A Conestoga trailer is a covered flatbed trailer with a rolling tarp that provides protection from weather and dirt that could damage freight. The advantage of a Conestoga trailer over a dry van is the ability to load and unload cargo from the side or using a crane. Common freight shipped with a Conestoga trailer includes delicate machinery or equipment with paint or finishes requiring additional protection.

Maximum Freight Weight: 42,000-45,000 lbs.

Maximum Freight Dimensions:

  • Length: 48 or 53 ft.
  • Width: 8 ft. 2 in.
  • Height: 8 ft. 


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