Whether you have consistent, high-volume freight or occasional shipments, our expert logistics team will provide the most time and cost-effective solutions for all your truckload shipping needs. 

Our regional company-owned assets combined with a growing over-the-road (OTR) network and comprehensive freight brokerage service offer you the reliable truckload services you need regardless of seasonal spikes.



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Secure the reliable capacity you need by moving your freight on Red Classic’s company-owned assets. Our regional, slip-seat operation includes 600+ trucks and 3,500+ food-grade trailers. Our OTR division is made up of owner operators and OTR company drivers. 

Our fleet hauls freight for a diverse customer network shipping food and beverages, paper and packaging, auto parts, building materials, home goods and more across  much of the eastern U.S. With Red Classic, your freight moves on new, top-quality equipment  equipped with the latest tracking and safety technology. Our tractors are, on average, less than 1.5 years old and our trailers less than 5.5 years old.

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Because we manage millions of dollars of freight each year, our logistics team has the leverage to lower costs and streamline truckload services for your business. Our team designs and manages strategic freight solutions for customers across a wide array of industries including food and beverage, CPG/MDG, retail, paper and packaging, auto parts, pet food and more. 

Our in-depth knowledge of carrier power lanes enables us to take advantage of backhaul opportunities regardless of geography, equipment requirements or length of haul.


With Red Classic you get complete visibility into your truckload shipments. We’re committed to providing timely communication and up-to-the-minute information to help you stay ahead of problems and solve problems when they occur. You also have access to real-time track-and-trace capabilities through our 24/7 customer service team. 


Take your business where it needs to go by leveraging Red Classic’s comprehensive, reliable freight solutions. Built on a nationwide network of more than 36,000 carrier partners, highly vetted for safety, reliability and performance, our comprehensive truckload solutions are custom-designed to fit your business’s unique requirements. 

Because we manage millions of dollars in freight each month, our expert logistics team has the leverage to lower costs and streamline your full truckload, less than truckload (LTL), dedicatedrefrigerated, flatbed, drayage, intermodal and expedited shipments. Best of all, with Red Classic you get complete visibility into your shipping activities through our 24/7 customer service team and real-time track-and-trace capabilities.


Red Classic, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Coca-Cola Consolidated, Inc. is a safety-focused provider of transportation, logistics and fleet maintenance solutions. Coca-Cola Consolidated was formed in 1902 and is the largest Coca-Cola bottler in the U.S. Red Classic was commercialized as a for-hire carrier in 2010 and today provides transportation and fleet maintenance solutions for Coca-Cola Consolidated as well as customers across dozens of industries throughout the continental U.S. and Canada.

Red Classic began as the private fleet for Coca-Cola Consolidated, transporting raw materials and finished products to and from the bottling facilities. Today, we continue to be the dedicated carrier for Coca-Cola Consolidated, hauling more than 400,000 loads of products for Coca-Cola and other customers last year.

Our corporate headquarters is in Charlotte, NC. Asset operations are housed across 3 hubs and 15 terminals spread throughout Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

Our freight brokerage services cover the continental U.S. and into Canada. Our company-owned assets operate across most of the eastern U.S.

We offer comprehensive transportation solutions that leverage company-owned assets including regional and OTR, dedicated freight services and logistics services. We also provide fully outsourced transportation solutions through our Managed Transportation division.

Red Classic has more than 640 regional and OTR trucks and more than 3,500 53’ dry van trailers. Most 1.5 years old and are trailers are less than 5.5 years old on average. All of our equipment is equipped with the latest safety and tracking technology. Our drivers are domiciled throughout 14 states within the eastern U.S.

Yes. We offer full truckload services as well as less than truckload (LTL), dedicated, refrigerated, flatbed, drayage, intermodal, and expedited solutions. We partner with more than 36,000+ contracted carriers which are highly vetted for safety, reliability and performance.

Red Classic is one of the largest beverage haulers in the U.S. In addition to beverages, we haul food goods, paper and packaging, auto parts, building materials, pet food, home goods and much more.

Yes. As an EPA SmartWay Partner, we are committed to running clean equipment, decreasing empty backhauls and idling time, reducing our carbon footprint and emissions, and optimizing our network for efficiency.

Due to our relationship with our parent company, Coca-Cola Consolidated, potential customers often wonder whose freight will take priority when capacity gets tight. Because we have company-owned assets and a large network of preferred carriers, we are able to shift capacity as necessary to address seasonality and changing market demands. Our team is committed to offering the same unsurpassed level of dedicated service we deliver to Coca-Cola Consolidated to you and your freight.


“No other trucking company provides us with innovative capacity solutions like Red Classic. Simply put, Red Classic is willing to do whatever it takes to get the load moved.”

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