Technology Drives our Fleet

Technological advances in heavy-duty trucks and trailers has grown exponentially over the past 10 years. From multi-point cameras that improve safety to engine technology that reduces harmful emissions, today’s trucks are more computerized than ever before.
OTR Mack Pinacle trucks

Red Classic is committed to providing our drivers the latest technology to enhance their driving experience, improve safety and deliver on our customers’ expectations.

Here are some of the technological features found in our Red Classic fleet:

Truck Technology

Our 500-truck fleet is made up of both day cabs and sleepers, most of which are Mack’s newest models, the Anthem and Pinnacle. Mack is one of the largest manufacturers of heavy-duty Class 8 trucks, engines and transmissions in North America. With nearly 120 years of manufacturing experience, Mack designs trucks with reliable performance, fuel efficiency and the latest safety features. 

By investing in automated manual transmissions, Red Classic drivers eliminate 500-600 shifts per day, allowing them to focus more attention on the road. LED headlights increase visibility, and enhanced noise insulation and upgraded seats reduce driver fatigue.


All new Mack Anthem tractors include the Bendix Wingman Fusion Collision Mitigation System. The Fusion system provides the most comprehensive set of in-truck safety technologies to assist our drivers in maintaining control when unexpected events occur and reducing the likelihood and severity of collisions.

Communications & Navigation

PeopleNet is our on-board communications and computing technology. This solution provides fleet performance monitoring, navigation, routing, real-time diagnostics, safety features, compliance tools and communications solutions. Drivers love the system for its intuitive design and useful features such as dynamic routing, geofencing with auto-arrive and auto-depart and simpler workflow processes for loading and unloading.

Trailer Technology

Red Classic uses a trailer management solution called FleetLocate. This technology provides 24/7 real-time visibility of our trailer assets from any location. This means improved loss prevention and security for our customers’ freight. It also streamlines routing and improves productivity by providing visibility into dwell time.

As technology continues to advance, our goal is to provide the most useful tools to support the safety and efficiency of our drivers. By combining experienced drivers with industry-leading service and the latest technology, we aim to position Red Classic as the partner of choice in transportation.

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