Two Reasons to Start Using Mobile Fleet Maintenance Services Today

Pizza delivery, home repairs and lawn care - what do all three of these services have in common? They're services that come directly to your door. We're proud to offer a service with a similar level of ease for your business - mobile maintenance.
tech in front of mobile truck

So, what is mobile maintenance? Mobile maintenance means servicing and/or repairing a fleet in a location other than a permanent repair shop. Red Classic’s mobile units are essentially “shops on wheels” that are fully stocked with the equipment needed to maintain and repair a fleet. Red Classic has a fleet of 33 mobile maintenance units across our network that travel to our customers’ facilities to service their fleet of tractors, trailers and material handling equipment. There are many benefits to using this service, but there are two in particular that will make you want to start using this service today.

One of our mobile maintenance units.
The inside of a mobile maintenance unit.

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Everyone wants to get the most out of their equipment and fleet. With hours-of-service regulations and increasing customer demand, it’s more important than ever to maximize your fleet’s uptime. By using mobile maintenance services to supplement or replace traditional in-shop services, you reduce downtime and avoid the hassle of scheduling and transporting your equipment to and from a repair shop. Businesses that utilize mobile maintenance services quickly increase their fleet’s productivity and streamline the routine maintenance and repair process. The benefits multiply as the number of locations and pieces of equipment increase.

Make your schedule less complicated and slash your fleet's downtime by using Red Classic's mobile maintenance services.


Our mobile maintenance units may have to compromise on square footage, compared to our permanent shop locations, but not on quality or equipment. Each of our units is equipped with more than 100 pieces of equipment and tools, including many of the same diagnostic tools available in our dedicated shops, enabling us to provide a wide variety of services. This includes everything from routine maintenance, like oil changes and brake service, all the way to small repairs.

Our experienced technicians are equipped with a fully-loaded mobile maintenance shop, ready to provide high-quality services at your location on your schedule.

The most important thing our mobile maintenance fleet includes is a skilled, experienced diesel technician. We only hire the best of the best and require them to hold a Class-A CDL and train on multiple types of equipment and OEMs. When our mobile technicians are on site, your fleet has their full attention, which means services are completed efficiently, allowing your equipment to get back on the road. This level of service and quality allows you to stay in compliance with all maintenance requirements and saves money in the long-run by combining service for multiple pieces of equipment into one appointment.

Providing the quality you expect and the convenience you need, our mobile fleet maintenance services power your fleet and equipment to get back up and running quickly. Connect with our team for more details by completing the form further up this page.